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Cowhustle, the ultimate coworking platform

Cowhustle, the ultimate coworking platform

Coworking is becoming increasingly attractive, especially for digital nomads, freelancers and startups. There are plenty of advantages that speak for it such as lower risk than with long-term renting of a conventional office, flexibility to receive new customers, business partners or new employees in a presentable ambience and to leave an impression, or just to get away from the usual everydays working routine.

Since COVID19, you can say that coworking has really woken up and has already created a lot of new and attractive opportunities. Many people have now realized that the more restricted we are forced to live, that freedom is undoubtedly our most important thing.

Those who have the opportunity to work from their home office, no longer think, and escape from the restrictions. Because they can live anywhere in the world, where ever they want. The desire for independence has never been bigger than this time and the more our world relies on digitization, digital nomads will also become more and more common.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, tax consultant, doctor, personal trainer, nutritionist, programmer, graphic designer. Just to name a few. In times of digitalization, there are now completely new possibilities to work independently of location.

This pandemic has ensured that many entrepreneurs and employees only work remotely from home. Some only for a while, when for others it has become permanent. Customers and business partners had no choice, so to speak, and had to adapt to it and bring the necessary trust with them to work remotely for an indefinite period.

Time has shown that it works, which means that more and more self-employed people, employees and startups prefer to work from home.

There is a huge market. But who is serving him? There are already many coworking spaces in all major cities around the world. But it is sometimes very difficult to get an overview and make a direct booking. workdesks, private offices, meeting rooms can be done very easily on a daily or hourly basis.

Cowhustle make it easy and gives everyone the opportunity to host their coworking space on our website, absolutely free of charge and without any risk. Interested parties can search for it and book through our website. The guest pays us the amount due and we pay it back to the host immediately, minus a 16-20% share for our work. The host only has to pay this small amount if the booking is done.

We want to create a platform where a host can set up his coworking space and digital nomads should find a place to work quickly and easily, no matter where in the world they are.

Where did the name “cowhustle” actually come from? When looking for a suitable name for the site, something that contains the word coworking should come up. But it doesn’t…

Coworking is something pleasant, working in pleasant places, together with pleasant and like-minded people, or both, the best way increase your productivity. So we took the word “co” and didn’t know what to do with the word “working”. Then we decided to keep the “w” and add the word “hustle” after it.

Hustle, which is often used nowadays when it comes to particularly hard work or hard effort. Cowhustle then seemed particularly appropriate, as one can achieve peak performance in pleasant places with pleasant people.

In the future there will be more blog posts on all sorts of topics related to work independent where ever you want. Everything about digital nomads and other ways to earn money from the most beautiful places in the world. The plan is to initially provide a wide range of individual offers.

At the top of the side menu under “sign in”, you can register as owner, and you can start adding your first coworking space in just a few minutes! Publishing a space is 100% free and you can publish as many coworking spaces as you want. There is no limit.

Interested parties who wants to book a coworking space, can register as guest.

Just checkout our Help Center, we will always update it with new videos, how to use our website.

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